MIL can be terrible, but my own mom??


Just want to get some support girls, as I’m feeling heartbroken the whole day. If anyone went through similar shitty experiences.

So I’m not on best terms with my mom, she’s rather toxic person and I’ve been seeing a therapist for 3 years trying to fix my relationship with her. But she never acknowledged my feelings or said sorry for anything. So we mostly talk through WhatsApp and only call each other when something big happening. But every child secretly wants his mom unconditional love right? So I though when I tell her about my pregnancy we can start from scratch, you know, cause it’s a huge thing and she’s been talking about grandkids forever.

So what happened is that she said she doesn’t want to talk to me through video call and I should text her whatever news I had. I just couldn’t say anything and send her my US picture and she said “congrats!” And still didn’t call me! I got super emotional and told to never ever talk to me again and blocked her.

I will unblock her sometime, but not now. Thanks god I have my dad and I called him afterwards and received that welcoming family chit chat that I was hoping to get from my own mother.

I’ve been crying the whole day and can’t believe it.