Animals acting up?


Has anyone’s pets acted up before baby comes? My cat has been super chill about all this but the past month we have been battling him pooping on the kitchen floor even tho his litter box is clean and in the bathroom where it’s been since I got him ( over a year ago) litter hasn’t changed, box is bleached every Saturday, no food change nothings changed except I’m due next month. I’ve been keeping him in a crate with a litter box when I’m sleeping and I’m not home but I thought I’d let him out while I run to Walmart since he spends a lot of time in there. I never put my cereal box’s in the trash because it takes up so much space so I set it next to it but when I got home I stepped in pee that he peed on top of the cereal box 🙃😣🙄😑 I literally am at my wits end with him, I’m not the type to just give up my animals but i don’t want that around my baby. If he starts using the bathroom on my baby’s stuff he’s going back to the shelter 🤷🏽‍♀️

Any suggestions on what to do?