Confidence in 2019


Idk is anyone will read this, but please read. I was shopping, and I wear a size 12/13 in pants. My friend laughed bc she was smaller than me... knowing I am insecure about my body/weight. I ended up having a mental breakdown bc I was always sooo hard on myself about being “skinny”. Being insecure has taken over my life and my relationship with my boyfriend and I am done! I am 16 years old. Almost 170 pounds and I’m 5’10. I am always so hard and negative about myself that I have evolved into such a bitter person. No more negativity! It has not only effected me in the process but people around me. I will love myself. A size doesn’t define you. My body is perfect the way it is... YOUR body is beautiful too. To anyone who has bad anxiety and depression like me.. YOU WILL OVERCOME IT❤️. Don’t just think it but speak it! Every morning start with a smile. List 3 things you like about yourself.. even if it’s nothing just name random 3 things that you at least want to like. I am done crying bc my body isn’t “perfect”.. no one is perfect and it took me soooo long to realize that❤️. Be positive.. I believe in y’all 😊