Did I witness some cheaters?? 🥶

So we made some new friends recently. We went to a their house for a bonfire, there were five married couples there. Our friends who invited us named “Mark” and “Jane”.

It was getting late in the night, we were all drinking but nobody was drunk. “Megan” a wife from one of the couples said she was going to go inside and make some drinks. She went in, and Mark (Jane’s husband was already inside.) a couple moments later I went inside to tell Megan what to make me. I walk by the liquor closet and I see something odddddd.

Megan is reaching up high to get the Tequila. I glance in the closet and see MARK in there like right against her ass. They are laughing and giggling, Megan backs up and bumps her ass on Mark, he kind of loses his balance and he grabs her ass. They are laughing and have flirtatious look on their faces. At that point they noticed me looking at them, I kept walking.

I’m like WTF 🤯

I don’t know if I saw something that is legit a problem or if I just walked by at the wrong time and it looks worse than it is.

I don’t know WHAT THE FUCK to do. We are new to this group of people. I haven’t told ANYONE not even my husband. If it’s all a misunderstanding I don’t want to start rumors. But I can’t get it out of my head, I don’t know what to do?!?!???!!! We are hanging out with these people again today. Should I just keep my mouth shut and eyes peeled?