7 dpo and already feel out this month for some reason

I don’t know why.... I just do...

4 dpo -I started to get cramps

5 dpo -cramps continued

6 dpo- cramps faded but nipples sensitive, by bed time my breasts felt hot and heavy and at one point of the night I got super hot to where I could feel heat radiating off my legs so I took off my sweater to cool down.

7 dpo -no cramps but lower adbomen feels full and nipples more sensitive, no more breast warmth or heaviness and I’m very sluggish. Also took a test just to ease my mind and it was negative of course.

I just don’t feel any different than I do from other months... just typical PMS, just maybe a little less except for the cramps at 4 dpo and so on.

I’m not symptom spotting these symptoms related to pregnancy as I know it’s too soon. I guess what I’m trying to get at is did anyone ever just know it that they were out this month but still ended up getting a BFP around missed period?