I love her but OMFG!

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I've been taking care of my mom for 7 years now. She has a crapload of health issues, one in particular that literally puts her in a coma.

The past year (essentially since her dad died) her memory has gone to shit! And she refuses to accept it. I just argued with her about her asking the same fuckin question 5x's to me!

She's also THE worst diabetic EVER! She refuses to give up her Tang (what we just fought about), peanut butter m&m's and yogurt that she lives off of.

I don't have the luxury of just saying "fuck it!" and moving out with my fiance. I already tried that last year for almost 3months and no joke..she called me everyday for something! Probably every other day for tripping & falling (can't feel her feet but walks at break neck speed anyways), every day for something from the store & that she misses me. After the 12th fall & fever coma my fiance & I moved back in.

I'm seriously on the verge with her shit though. I cannot stand how she makes me feel & even tells me how I'm not useful to her at all and she can do it all on her own! My brother has Always had the luxury of never having to witness or deal with Any of her shit! Even when she had her 1st coma & we thought she'd die....his ass stayed in Tacoma while I signed DNR papers for her, held down a 42hr work week, cared for her dog that refuses to eat & almost dies when she's gone, cared for my grandma who has Alzheimer's & kept tabs on my grandpa who was in another hospital ICU. Half of that is too much for 1 person for fucks sake!

I don't understand why my mom thinks she can take care of herself after so many comas, heart attacks, heart failure.... I've lost 3 boyfriends (ended up being good, but still) because I couldn'tlleave her to just fall, slip into a coma & die. I've given up so much of my life for her, hell my brother & I raised each other cause she married & had kids too young, but I guess she wanted full custody to let us raise ourselves👍😤 Everything I've done for her & THIS is always what I get for it.

My fiance & I are trying to have a baby after losing our son @12weeks, I'm going to be 40 this year...I DESERVE A HAPPY LIFE AFTER ALL THIS TIME! I have no clue how I'm going to handle doing that with my moms fuckin never ending bullshit rollercoaster.

Recently she over took her very strong pain meds without even realizing it! TWICE! Idk how tf she didn't die quite honestly. I can't leave her to her own devices, she'll be dead in a month if not sooner. She won't go to my bro's, hell he wouldn't take her if she DID want to go. But I'm going fuckin crazy with her daily shit. I can hear her stomping around like 2year old right now.

I swear I've never felt so trapped in my entire life!

To make matters worse, my poor fiance has to deal with it too. I don't want to lose him over Her.

Thank you for letting me rant....

Back to the bullshit😞