Well it’s finally happened


After ttc for 9 months, I think it’s finally happened! A little of our history...we started trying last summer and thought we’d get pregnant immediately like all our friends. After 6 months of trying, my doctor agreed to do some of the standard tests. I got some bloodwork done, she did a sonogram that same day, and ordered an HSG for me. My husband also got a semen analysis done. All came back fine aside from my husband having a morphology issue. I had my HSG done in January. My ovulation date was 2 days after the procedure so 1. I didn’t really feel up to sex as I was still a little sore, 2. We could only have sex once and didn’t figure we had much of a shot that cycle. But, we decided to not waste the cycle and try anyway.

Well, I was craaazy tired all weekend and had to take a million naps, and my boobs were definitely sore (although that’s a pms symptom for me). Tested yesterday morning and again later this evening to confirm, and I’m pregnant! I guess HSGs can make you more fertile right after like I kept reading about!