So for the past week and a half I’ve been feeling so nauseous all day and have headaches all day. I’m slowly getting my appetite back I lost it for a few days but my nipples are a bit sore and my stomach hurts sometimes all day I’ve had mild cramping and back ache I’ve been irritated at my bf for now reason. If I catch a whiff of something I gag. I’m a stoner not gonna lie but lately the smell of weed has been making me sick🤢I feel like I need to throw up but i can’t. I’m tired af all the time but I can’t nap unless my bf is with me I get hot and cold quick I even sweat which never happens to me not even when I’m sick I piss a lot throughout the day and I just don’t know what’s up with me could I be pregnant or no? I’ve taken test they say negative idk if it’s to early but my mom always had problems with her HCG her blood test even came back negative when she was pregnant so what do I do? Down below was when I had my last period and when I expect my next.