Stubborn baby girl


So I’ve been feeling pretty crappy the last week or so almost like I’m coming down with something.. Migraine, diarrhea, extreme backache, and fatigue. Nothing seems to fully be breaking out so I chalk it up to possibly labor being near...

Fast forward to yesterday I had been having contractions most of the day. I go to work and they start coming pretty regular and they don’t stop from about 5:30 pm until I get home at 11:00 pm last night. I’m a waitress so I couldn’t actually time them but I was certain this was the beginning stages of labor.

I take a shower (lost some of my plug),crawl into bed, drink some raspberry leaf tea, snuggle my toddler, and decide to get some rest just in case fingers crossed some time during the night contractions become more severe.

All night long I’m contracting nothing too insane I can’t sleep through them but did have a few that actually woke me up..

Wake up this morning still some but nothing too crazy so

I decide I better do some things around the house and I’m getting ready to go compile my hospital bag just Incase.

Hoping we’re busy at work tonight and it helps move things along and this time they stay moving..

With my first I was in prelabor for most of the day and it was go time by about 2 am the next morning but this child

Is apparently more stubborn than her sister 😔.