Soo today didn’t go well at all 😭

Jordan • 26 with 2 boys, our 3rd beautiful creation is due 16th of September 2019❤️❤️❤️

So today I decided to announce it to my work ladies as I work in the preschool my son attends and he’s starting to say things about a baby even though we haven’t mentioned it to him yet. So my boss gathers all the ladies together for a photo but one lady refuses and it starts going downhill from there, my boss shouts as she takes the picture, “say Jordan’s pregnant” and they all do apart from this one lady, straight away she storms off.

I’m a little confused and not one to react so I carry on chatting to the other ladies who congratulate me.

I go to take my children to the school as I normally do the school run. (I do the breakfast club) and I come back and shits hit the fan. The lady who stormed off had a big falling out with my manager. My manager is crying in the office, my deputy is trying to defuse the situation. Me still not aware of what is going on. I go to comfort my boss but the parents are being let in for the preschool and my son is arriving to start his day so I quickly give him a smooch. And I leave at 9 to have my youngest while my partner goes to bed from his night shift.

I’m not even sure how to feel. What to ask. Or do I just carry on like nothing happened? I’m due back at work for 2.30 and the anxiety of what has just happened is making me cry like a baby. Not even sure if it’s about me. I just needed to have a rant. 😩 wish I could start the day again.