My Last Hope before Taking a break!!!

D • 29. Married. TTC #1 since Feb.2018

So, I started seeing a fertility specialist this month and my husband and I had ALL testing done.

Great News- we are both very fertile with not a single issues and most of our test scores higher than average

Bad News- we just can’t have a baby.

This month my hopes were high, it was my official 1 year since TTC .. and today AF made an appearance (I event tried preseed this cycle)

So next month we will try an Natural

<a href="">IUI</a>

, my doctor didn’t recommend and medication because of my test results.

I have OFFICIALLY decided that after this

<a href="">IUI</a>

, if it doesn’t workout out I am taking a 2-3 month hiatus from “trying, trying”

I’ll still BD and pray, but peeing on a stick everyday, stick my hand up my vagina to check CM , planning sex has all taken a tremendous toll on me mentally and I think I need to recoup from that! Getting my period today, I cried for hours and have no desire to be around people.

PRAYING that this Natural

<a href="">IUI</a>

helps us conceive , but if not, taking a few months to work on accepting the situation and mentally be ok.