So confused

So after my miscarriage bin September of 2017 my cycle switched from 20-30 day cycle to 26 days. My Dr said it was and everything was normal and that happens sometimes. We waited to ttc for a yr to give my body a break. We tried this month and af is due on the 10th. The pas few days I have felt off and I usually spot around this time and I get some sort of noticeable breakout on my face and I haven't had any of that. Starting yesterday I have felt nausea and starting last night I can't keep anything down food wise. I took a test last night and it was negative. I did have some bright to pink blood when wiping after a BM. Also had some darker blood this morning when wiping but nothing in my underwear. Anybody else been through this. Did I test too early so confused. This is my first time trying with a 26day cycle and I feel like it is throwing me off when testing early.