Need opinions on my mother


My mom is always concerned that I might be on Facebook. I don’t have any social media, and I never intend to. (Other than this <a href="">pregnancy app</a>, of course ☺️). She asks me all of the time “you’re not back on Facebook are you? You had better not be.” I used to have Facebook and Instagram, I even had 46k followers! This was before I was married and I used to just do a lot of makeup videos and ootd. As I grew older, I realized Social media can be toxic so I deleted it all and never looked back. I never posted anything bad and I’ve always been pretty conservative, so why my mom is so concerned, I have no idea.

It really bothers me that she says “you better not” and that she even asks and makes it her business. Even if I DID want social media, that’s my choice and she really has no say in the matter. I’m almost 26,and I’ve been married to my husband for 6 years! We have 5 children. My husband is a hard worker and a good man, we own 2 homes, are debt free, and are very self sufficient and well off. Why is my mom still trying to tell me what I’m allowed to do and what I’m not? My husband is my head, I take him into consideration and I submit to him. 🤷🏽‍♀️ I feel like what my husband says goes and what my parents say holds no authority anymore.

My mom called me this morning and said “you’re not back on Facebook are you?” She asked bc my aunt had asked her what was wrong with my baby. My mom thought maybe I was on Facebook sharing information, but I actually had just talked to my aunt briefly on the phone about a concern with the baby. 🤨 I felt a little annoyed that she was even calling to ask me that.