Washing baby clothes!

Nicole • Forever missing my angel baby 👼🏻❤️ my rainbow baby girl Juliet was born March 15, 2019! 💗🌈

I’m a FTM, and I have a ton of clothes both new & hand me down for my daughter due beginning of April. I’m getting her nursery set up and want to wash her clothes , I’m using dreft detergent and was wondering if I have to separate them? Or can I throw whites , reds , blacks ect all in together? Also do I need to wash her bows, headbands and hats?? Some bows are so tiny and delicate looking , or a certain material that makes me nervous to wash them! Decided to add a picture of them below. (Yes even the two long ones too left are little headband bows that you tie yourself into the bow lol)