Only been in college for 6 months and ab to be on my 3rd roommate?

Simran • 18

I’m a freshmen in college and my first semester of college, I had a roommate that was interesting. We were cordial with each other and even did stuff together until I realized how dirty she was. She didn’t wrap up pads after she used them so the bathroom would smell like period, would use my dishes but not wash them, NEVER CLEANED the dorm, and had the audacity to leave passive aggressive sticky notes about me being loud at night. Anyways Christmas break comes around and she moves out. I only knew she moved out because all her stuff was gone, she didn’t tell me 😂. I got a new roommate in January and she moved out today, 3 weeks later.

I know why my first roommate moved out because we were in this passive aggressive 5 month long argument. She was guilty of being dirty and I was guilty of hotboxing the dorm and having my boyfriend over at night and the occasional loud sex. With my new roommate who just moved out, it’s beyond me why she moved out. I cleaned and minded my business. The only things I can think of probably irritated her were the 70 Jell-O shots in the fridge, hotboxing MY room (not hers) and having my boyfriend over on some school nights but yeah this roommate didn’t even tell me she was moving out too. I don’t think it’s that awful to live with me, I offered her alcohol a couple of times. I didn’t offer her bag though because not everyone smokes weed.