I need some serious advice....


My hubby and I have been trying for 16 months to have a baby with no luck. We saw an infertility doctor who told us that basically there is nothing wrong with either of us, and that there is no real explanation as to why we can’t get pregnant. So here I am, in the middle of the night, seeking advice.

My husband and I desperately want to have a family and if we can’t do it naturally, we would like to explore our options through adopting a baby. We don’t know anything about adoption, fostering, or how any of the systems work, but we’re hoping that some of our glow friends have some advice. Would you suggest fostering first and then adopting? What are some of the best/worst things about adoption? Financially speaking, what is the cheapest way to go about it? How long does the process take on average?

ANY ADVICE WELCOMED. Also, keep in mind that we live in Ohio. I know some states have very different laws. We would love to adopt a local (or semi local anyways) baby, preferably newborn so that we can experience the entire parenting experience. Also, I want to ask that you keep us in your prayers and thoughts as we make some very important decisions coming up. Thanks ladies! Give me your input below 😊💕

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