Didnt think I was in labor

So I have a 2 year old, but tonight I'm randomly thinking about the night I went in labor.

When your pregnant, especially when your having a high risk pregnancy, your brain is a weird thing.

For me, at the end of my pregnancy (last 10 weeks) I was admitted many times for contractions, bleeding, false labor, bla bla bla. So like at this point, I didn't believe my body at all.

January 4th 2017: I told my sister that I'm not having this baby any time soon, I'm nowhere near ready, I said this as I was having slight "Braxton hicks" at around 7pm. Around 4 hours go by, I'm STILL having "Braxton hicks", they're pretty intense at this point, I'm living with my mom because my ex cheated on me, so I go upstairs at 11:30 and let her know I'm having a lot of Braxton hicks, so she comes downstairs to see what's going on I guess, she was there for less than 10 minutes, and I had 3 contractions.

She was like yea, I'm waking up your father to take you to the hospital, she got up to go upstairs. She said this while I was having another contraction, here I am on my hands and knees on the floor, crawling towards the stairs yelling "WAIT! I'm not in labor!", she stopped on the stairs, turned around and looked at me on the floor in a ball claiming that these weren't contractions I was having for the last 5 hours, while I'm near crying from pain.

She made me get dressed and get in the truck, she came too, i continuously had contractions the whole way to the hospital, but yet I was asked to just go home because this is a waste of time, they're 2 minutes apart at this point.

I got to the hospital, I'm in the bed, I have people coming in and out to check on me, it's like 2am, I ask my mom if I can just go home now, I told her this is a huge waste of time, and I apologized for waking her up. Like wtf was I thinking, I'm here having a baby and I'm asking to go home? But in my defence, nobody told me I was about to have a baby, nobody told me he dilated I was, I was just there, I never got any answers. Then a nurse comes in and asks if I want an epidural, I was like YES now please. Let me tell you, that was honestly the scariest moment of my life. The epidural freaked me out so bad, I still remember how terrified i was, especially trying to stay still while having back to back contractions.

I regret that epidural now, not because of any damage or anything, but because I never got to feel myself give birth, I never felt a thing, not even pressure, I was just lid there, talking away to my mom, then the nurse said I was crowning, I was like what? I almost gave birth and didnt even know it!

Anyway, its weird how some people go almost their whole labor, thinking they're not in labor! People always say trust your body, but no, trust your mom!