So I'm 25... I suffer from depression and PTSD from being raped and abused... I sleep with a stuffed animal every night and my husband is beyond supportive of it. It is kind of like my "security blanket" I guess you could say. Ever since getting pregnant I am not on any of my prescribed medications nor smoking weed to calm me. I was talking to my husband about what I planned on packing to take to the hospital and he said "I think you should take ham" ham being the name he gave my stuffed animal.... well his mom and a friend of hers overheard and chuckled. She said "you have got to be kidding me! You're a grown ass woman and you need to take a stuffed animal to give birth?!" Now I'm in my head about people judging me and giving myself anxiety. Has anyone else took a stuffed animal with them to the hospital to give birth or am I just crazy?