Mother in law called me disgusting 😭

I’ve been in the Er since Wednesday had to have emergency surgery on ovarian cyst ruptured, me and my husband have been trying to have a baby for the past 3 years, I already have one beautiful daughter from my previous marriage, my mother in law is the one who took me to the hospital after seeing me cry in pain for the last few days, am thankful she brought me in or else god know what would have happen. The conversation started me telling her how I started taking Clomid so I could start ovulation, she didn’t seem so happy she called me disgusting for not getting married a virgen to her son, that she could never imagine her sleeping with another man who isn’t her husband or picture her self being married to a diferente man. That woman who do that a disgusting whores that not a good example for my daughter. Am teaching her how to be easy and have kids from different me and it’s not right maybe my life would have been different if I would have kept my legs closed and waiting till god put me in her sons path😭 i didn’t cry till this morning it hurt so bad she mad me feel like crap. I text my husband do to he works out of town and he couldn’t make to go my surgery, and he told me this

I told him my feelings and how hurt I was and this is what I get am so hurt 😭 I would have loved for him to make me feel better but I guess not 😭 i just needed to vent and cry it out