I Just Have Something To Say About Baby Showers....

Kendra • "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." ~Eleanor Roosevelt

They are one of the most amazing traditions of humanity. The strength of that support network of women being there, celebrating you and your achievement of creating a beautiful life and celebrating that delicate life currently inside of you is probably one of the most amazing feelings a woman can have. People say that showers are for the baby but, I believe it is for the mother. It lets her know that, no matter what, the women in that room with stand in a unified front for you and your child. Whatever hardships, fears and bad moments you have, they'll be there. They all want to watch that beautiful child grow and watch the woman carrying it blossoming into a beautiful empowered mother. That kind of unification of women, that kind of bonded community, is probably the strongest network in the world. All of the love and happiness and well wishes at a baby shower are wonderful and this is a tradition that needs to be around until the end of time.

If anybody here is having a baby shower soon, please remember to enjoy and thank that network of women around you. They're absolutely amazing.