She’s here!!!!


Went in at 7am for an induction on February 5th and she was born at 8:40pm.

Labor was nothing like I expected. They started me on oxytocin and contractions started but I couldn’t feel them only tightness. They were also to close to each other. When the doctor come in to break my water at 3cm dilated (which is where I was for weeks) hours later it was quick and a small amount of fluid at first. Once she broke it and left I tried to get up to go to the bathroom and BOOM intense contractions and blood running down my legs 5 mins after. Made it through 10-15mins of those contractions until they gave me pain meds through my IV and prepped me for the epidural. My epidural was painless and quick and worked SO WELL. They came in several hours later (3-4 hours or so) to check me and I was at 9cm! Then they started preparing the room and when they checked again I was ready to go. Since my epidural was SO perfect all I could feel was pressure and tightness. I pushed for two hours which was very exhausting and I popped vessels in my face. Once she was out they set her on my chest and the doctor told me to love on her while she does the placenta and stitches me up. I tore in two or three places. She was so awake and looking around right away when she was born, I did skin to skin and so did my husband in the first few hours of her life.

No one tells you about the pain from stitches and swelling of your vag and legs after labor. I still haven’t pooped because I’m terrified. I’m on day 3 postpartum and am still very sore and swollen! On top of it my nipples feel like they are gonna fall off from breastfeeding! But she is SO worth every bit of it.

Phoenix Annabelle ❤️ 8 pounds even and 20 1/2 inches long. She is absolutely perfect