Keep the faith-Your time is coming 💕💕


To the women who are TTC or who has experienced multiple losses please do not give up ! Keep the faith believe in yourself . What's for you will be for you !! 6 years ago i had my son . Really Smooth pregnancy .I worked up until son came out perfect couldn't ask for anything better . When he was about 2 we had our first miscarriage. To make a long story short within the last 4 years of TTC i had 4 recurrent miscarriages. I did not understand why my body kept failing me. All early miscarriages from 5-8weeks. But why was my body doing this ??? I had a healthy pregnancy just a few yrs prior . I couldn't help but think maybe something went wrong delivering my child . Maybe birth control had an effect .I'm anemic maybe a blood problem I didn't know ! I didn't have the funds to see a fertility specialist. So here I am just dealing with this. Didn't feel comfortable talking to family because they never went through this. I come from a big family. 5 siblings. Both sisters have 4 kids . Never experienced a miscarriage. I just felt alone. The last MC turned out to be a partial molar . I told myself I was done I couldn't take it anymore. As much as I wanted another child I would not keep putting my body through this physically and mentally . To sum things up we stopped trying started using condoms. And guess what..YUPP popped up pregnant. I had so many thoughts of just terminating the pregnancy before I can hear bad news. But of course I couldn't do that. Called a new OBGYN . They wouldn't see me until 8 weeks. Longest wait of my life ..No symptoms besides a missed period so I was just waiting on the bad news ... Went in for first US .. AND THERE WAS A HEARTBEAT . . I haven't seen that since my son . But wait I still wasn't in the clear yet still very early who knows how this would go...well today fast foward to 12wks we got to see our baby with a heartbeat moving around . Man oh man . We are excited!!!!!!!