TTC doing IUI at home first!

Victoria • Scott Wolfe ♾❤️🥰

My husbands urologist and my RE suggested we try

<a href="">IUI</a> and our first appointment with my RE to go over

<a href="">IUI</a> is in May, so I took it upon myself to order some “at-home DIY <a href="">IUI</a>” stuff lol rather try $43 first instead of $500-$1000 🤨 pleeeaaaaaseeee pray for me and my husband to conceive a healthy baby and for a healthy pregnancy! I beg of you 🙏🏼❤️ it’s been a long and stressful 4 1/2 years without a BFP..

Has anyone tried this and was successful? (I do have a mild form of PCOS and my husband has low sperm count and mobility...) asking for advice if you have any!

Thanks ladies, God bless 👶🏼✨