Working out while pregnant ?!?!

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So I called my dr and she said that I can continue to do what I’m use to as long as I’m feeling up for it. Tell me about your experience. So I just started working out about a month ago. I haven’t noticed much of a physical difference yet but I do feel better and that’s great because Im wanting to just overall improve my life style and change my bad habits. I’m eating healthier staying around 1400 - 1500 cals a day to stay in a deficit. I’m working out 5 days a week Doing mostly cardio at least 30 - 40 mins every day and then light lifting and some HITT. On average I’m burning about 600 - 700 calories. Well I just found out I’m pregnant. I would like to still continue to work out as I still feel good beside horrible indigestion. And I want to stay healthy. So my question is should I cut out ab workouts, But still continue with everything else? And should I still be in a deficit? I am 30lbs overweight. TIA.