23 and never orgasmed.. help!!

Pretty much the title says it all. So I'm 23, have had a few sexual partners in the past, and do masturbate but nothing works! I rub my clit and it feels good and then suddenly goes away and nothing happens. I tried the shower head thing and that didn't even feel good. Ive also tried a vibrator and that didnt especially feel good or do anything either. Nothing works! I just feel broken. None of the guys I have been with have been able to get me off and I can't either. Nothing really happens when I masturbate, like it does feel good but then it'll just quickly go away and I don't orgasm or get an intense build up or release like everyone else. Am I doing it wrong? Am I supposed to directly rub my clit or just around It? Because when I directly do it it's painful and doesn't feel good. Please help :( I don't want it to be like this forever