What is going ON


Okay, I don’t usually look for too much advice on here just because I try to handle things on my own and I almost never post but I need some help and advice.

I had sex almost a month ago. About 2 weeks afterwards my boobs started to hurt to the point if someone even bumped me I’d wince. While the pain has died down a bit it’s still there.

This week I was supposed to be on my period, but instead of the usual very heavy flow, it was replaced with very light pinkish, brownish, kinda red.

On top of this I have had a little bit of throw up come up after eating meals and have been cramping even before my period started.

I really hope I’m not pregnant, if I am it’s my own stupidity for trusting the pullout method but if anyone has advice, suggestions that it could be something else, or ANYTHING please help.


A Slightly Scared 18-year-old

(P.S. I took a pregnancy test about 3 days before my “period” was supposed to start and it came back negative. I’m going to try again but have one left and am not sure when best to take it now)