Bleeding at 7 weeks

Nandy • First time mom

I had a miscarriage last aug. i am expecting. I am spotting brown tissue and clots for 2 weekd. Had an ultrasound, baby dint get heartbeat yet; i am bleeding all red with big clots since then. I am emotionally lost. All I could think is cry and sob for my fate. My husband is tough, he took it and moved on. he had zero expectations from beginning. I cannot believe that he is being so rigid. I want him to cry with me share my pain, be compassionate to me. I dont know if i am expecting wrong. But i want him for me. He would understand, actually no one is, everyone says, it might be an unhealthy pregnancy or think u had a long period or u dint feel the child yet, dont be emotional. I know all these but they are not comforting me.

Update: I was crying last night, he asked me why. I told him, you took me into his arms. He said “i feel it. But i dont want to express, it makes u worry more. I dont want that. If u think u r missing me on your side, i will be there.” He was taking care of me the whole day. My cramps increased, i started passing large clots, he was right next to me all tge time. Took me to bathroom and was doing flush( he is scared of blood, its a huge deal for him to check the blood and see clot sizes).

Thanks for all your support.