Can’t believe it!

Jennifer • 👼🏻👼🏻 🌈👦🏼👦🏻May 2021

Backstory: my mom passed at 49 when I was 15, former smoker and it took her and my dad 3 years and 1 mc to have me. I’ve always had that in the back of my head as I’m about the same age she was when my parents got married and started ttc. I’m 31 and overweight and have a father who out of concern for my health has “attacked” me for not being healthier (I’ve always struggled with my weight). Well today after 3 months of ttc and using Glow I got my BFP!!! As happy as I am I really hope this can encourage someone else who maybe doesn’t have the best support system around them and is ttc. My husband is AMAZING and so supportive of me and I think that’s what helped with my mental state with ttc ❤️