Refusing Bottles


Sorry in advance it's a bit of a ramble mess.

My baby girl is almost 10m and has her bottom 2 teeth. She has been on solid foods for a while but now has recently started refusing most of her bottles except at night.

She will scream and cry and push them away and only want Food food.

She does well with everything we give her but I'm worried she isnt going to get enough nutrients if she keeps refusing an extra 2 to 3 bottles a day. (Up till now had been near perfect clockwork roughly 6 to 7 oz w/rice every 4hrs)

Her iron was a little low at her 9m check up 10.7 (they wanted an 11).

Any suggestions or advice?

She is VERY strong willed and wants to feed herself. She is very anti baby purees she wants to hold it and eat it. (She will let you give her a little bit of stuff from a spoon like mashed potatoes, creamed corn, something entirely new etc as long as its lumpy or semi solid/thick and then she tries to take over) she LOVES water and will crush an almost full sippy cup throughout the day/evening (More if I'd let her I'm sure)