Still bleeding after first time


Hello Ladies, I had sex with my longtime boyfriend for the first time (ever) two days ago. I expected to bleed because it was my first time having penetrative sex. But the day after I was still bleeding when I woke up to the restroom and so I wore panty liners that day, only having little spotting throughout the day. I thought that would be the end of it but today(the third day after sex) I bled substantially again when I went to the restroom in the morning. Nothing hurts down there but I’m a bit concerned if it really takes that long to get rid of the hyme down there. I know we went rough for it being the first time, so do you ladies thing I may have torn something down there? Or is it normal to bleed days after? I will be making an appt. to see my doctor but I don’t want to worry ahead of time if it’s something that happens after the first time. Any suggestions or experiences would be helpful. Thanks ladies🤗