Lupus anticoagulant. Not sure about lupus

High risk pregnancy with postive lupus anticoagulant. I just wanna start this out by saying hello. I'm looking for anybody who can help reassure me. I'm currently on my 4th pregnancy. My 2nd pregnancy with lupus anticoagulant diagnosis. My 1st pregnancy after my diagnosis I was on 30 mg of lovenox injections daily and 200 mg progesterone. I made it to 9 weeks without pregnancy however my baby stopped developing at 6 weeks I assume irregular feel growth but was never diagnosed with it. Sadly i lost the baby. Fast forword 2 years to today.

I just currently found out i am pregnant again. After my second round of clomid. I got pregnant my second round of clomid as well in my previous pregnancy. I am terrified. They did up my up my dosage to 40mg lovenox daily. 200 mg progesterone daily.

I am currently the only person I know who has been diagnosed with this without an APS diagnosis as well. I'm really worried that my current doctor might be incompetent as he wants me to stop my injections after my 1st trimester and other cases I have seen they don't stop and tell your due. I have been trying to have a baby for 6 years and am really hoping in that this is my time. I am overweight 255 and im 5'2. I am trying to walk daily and eat as healthy as I can afford. I really am looking for anybody who can give me any advice or any who has been in the same situation as me. Any thoughts would be great. Thank you

I have not been diagnosed with lupus or seen a hematologist