Help please


I know I’ve posted a couple times on here about low progesterone. Well, I’ve been on the progesterone since last Monday. I started bleeding like a period Friday and am still bleeding today. I’m about 7 weeks pregnant. Went to get and ultrasound done Friday and baby was good and heard heartbeat. I went to er Saturday because I was still bleeding and they did tests and ultrasound and again Things were fine. The Er dr diagnosed me as threatened miscarriage because of the unexplained bleeding even though the baby was fine. I had been taking the oral progesterone pills vaginally because my Ob nurse said I could to avoid side effects. Since I’ve been bleeding should I take them orally now or do y’all think itsok to continue taking them vaginally. A couple family members say they think that taking progesterone vaginally is what’s causing the bleeding but the er doctor didn’t seemed concerned that was the reason for bleeding. What do you think I should do? I have an appointment tomorrow with my Ob