Family visiting from out of town


My mom and I were very close. I was an only child and she was a single parent so it was just her and I growing up. She passed a couple years ago and I have gotten closer with my aunt's and grandma since then. So naturally as my husband and I are expecting our first child, they want to visit from out of state to see baby boy when he makes his arrival. (May 3rd)

My question for you is, when would you say they can visit? I know everyone is different and it depends on the individuals, but I just wanted your opinions because I really can't decide.

Husband thinks we should make them wait at least till baby is a month old just because of his newborn immune system and all that. I was wanting sooner than that because they are my only family on my side. All of my husband's family lives close by so they are all here for the birth already. Mine won't be.

Anyways, how long would you wait to have people come and stay with you? How long did you need to recover and felt up to having guests?

I should mention that I feel like my family will be helpful while here. They always cook for and entertain themselves while visiting.