Labor Story

Kelsey • artist, fiancée and mommy to 2💕

My water broke at 2:30AM on my due date 2/10. I went to the hospital after having a mini freak out and realizing I didn’t pee myself. Got to the hospital and was check in and told that I was 4 centimeters dilated and 75 effaced. They got me in a room and then I got my epidural 👌🏾 thank you Jesussss lol, so I was checked a few hours later and had only progressed to 4 1/2. They put a peanut ball between my legs to get things going again I progressed to 6 1/2 and then another nurse during shift change checked me and said I was at 1 1/2 centimeters. So I was beyond confused. They then brought my doctor in who checked me and realized baby had a poop when she was checking me. So she pulls out and tells me that she’s going to get a machine and when was my last scan and I’m looking crazy like uhhh not since my anatomy scan and they didn’t tell me how big he was at any of my weekly visits. So she starts her scan then she tells me that we need to have a serious talk. I’m freaking out and she tells me that the 1 1/2 centimeters the nurse was feeling was my child’s butthole and it stimulated his first BM and he had it in utero and that I will need a emergency c-section. Y’all this whole time I’m thinking my babies butt was sticking up at the top of my stomach and it was his freaking head and he was Breech this whole time. The doctors I’ve seen have been telling me this whole time that he was head down and the on call doctor was pissed yesterday .Well with all that being said my chunky child is here and I’m recovering and feeling positive. Jon Jr 💙💙 2/10 1:37PM 7lb 11oz