Another update on my Doppler!


Been using it for days, getting to know what my body sounds sound like and have not heard the baby, UNTIL TONIGHT! I figured I would whip out the Doppler in bed with hubby just to show him what I’ve learned about what my body sounds like and how different it’s going to be from baby, then BOOM after about five minutes I found baby! HR was 160 according to Doppler but it was unmistakable as I’ve been training myself with this Doppler and it was definitely a new sound and a fast beat just like the ones I get during ultrasound! We only caught it for about five seconds but my husband was right here! I’m 9+4 today and a plus size mama ❤️🙌🏻 I was already thinking maybe I just wouldn’t hear it by myself until I was in the second tri but have been pleasantly surprised 😁