Need honest and HELPFUL ADVICE

I had a miscarriage on Jan. 4 to Jan 10th. I didn’t have a D & C. Don’t know what my hcg levels were before. Don’t know them now.

I haven’t had a period, YET.

So this is my question or whatever you want to call it...

I took a pregnancy test the other day because i had been having some cramping, nauseas stomach, sore breast, I just got over a small cough and runny nose. So I got TWO POSITIVE pregnancy test. (Picture below)

Whenever I had my miscarriage my breast weren’t sore anymore, I wasn’t having anymore cramping, no nausea, NOTHING. And now that I have these symptoms that I had when I WAS PREGNANT. I’m starting to think I am..

Any advice on what I should do?

(Top year was 02.10.19 bottom test was 02.09.19)