Best baby shower i could’ve asked for !!

Collie • 🇨🇦24 Y.O expecting my first April 9th 2019. Born April 4th 2019🤰🏽👶🏽🎉 m/c in February 2018 at 5 weeks 😭 baby #2 due may 2020

I’m 32 weeks today and I had my shower this weekend on February 9th and I was so nervous and scared and finding reasons not to have it ! Omg that would’ve been my biggest mistake! It was amazing everyone showed up and on time at that , everyone brought diapers(as requested ) as well as gifts and some even bought more than one large box with wipes! I was so overwhelmed with love and support, I’ve had my crib with mobile and plenty of clothes since about 16 weeks pregnant as well as her nursery being so close to being finished but this shower has pushed me right over the edge with feeling prepared, I was gifted a playpen with bassinet and changing table with a sheet , vibrating bouncing chair, my dream stroller/carseat combo which guiltily costed $600 on sale, two blankets,handprint mould, breastfeeding pillow, pacifiers, glass bottles, avent special addition colic bottles, baby dove products , my dream tub from summer infant, booster portable eating seat, 400$ worth of Walmart gift cards, so many clothes I can’t even wrap my head around it, car mirror ,safety 1st deluxe safety kit and many more and guess what only invited about 35 people!! I’m writing this for the women in our group that are having anxiety and fears about their shower there is no need just go into it with no expectations and I’m sure your mind will be blown just like mines