We have an apt. Tomorrow anyway, but just wanted some input.

My little dude has had a rough 2 days. He was fine yesterday morning and when he woke up from a nap about 10, he cried for hours on end. He was bending over in pain And my babysitter could barely hold him. He had runny poops 6 times while I was at work which is really uncommon for him these days, his little butt got raw. He ate like normal but he just wasn’t his happy little self.

I picked him up and he was calm enough for me to run to the grocery store and he played about 20 minutes until he started crying again. Ate and slept a while then woke ip screaming and bending over in pain. Gripe water didn’t work so I tried Tylenol and laid him down in bed with me and rubbed his belly until he fell asleep and he slept all night.

Today at the baby sitter he is doing the same thing again, but he hasn’t pooped since I picked him up. I just don’t know what’s wrong with him. He usually never ever cries and will laugh and giggle all day.