Feeling imprisoned.

Rachel • wife 07.25.15 🧡 mama 01.27.18 & 02.13.2019 & 09.15.2020 🧡 baby #4 due 03.2022 🧡

Hey ladies, just going on a little rant here.

I'm technically not due until March 7th, according to the dating ultrasound I received around 9 weeks, although according to LMP, I should have been due closer to March first. More on this later.

For some reason, my widwife's office decided to schedule my 37 week appointment for 36w4d instead of waiting until 37 weeks.

A little back story, at the previous 36 week appointment (on a Thursday), I was 2cm dilated 0% effaced and still high and thick. However, I experienced some major Braxton hicks and baby dropped over the weekend. This resulted in me being 3-4cm dilated and 80-90% effaced and low and squishy (sorry, tmi) at my next appointment at 36w4d (on the following Monday).

Normally, that wouldn't be a big deal right? But unfortunately for me, i went into spontaneous labor with my firstborn at 37 weeks on the dot. But since I was GBS+ they gave me the antibiotics as soon as I was admitted and when labor stalled temporarily, they were able to give a little boost with pitocin and break my water to keep it going and he was born within 3ish hours of my water breaking.

HOWEVER. Since I tested positive for GBS (for the second time) they were weary of sending me home after my 36w4d appointment in case I progressed too quickly to receive the antibiotics I need. So they had me return 2 hours after my original appointment to be checked again. I had progressed to 5cm within the 2 hour window they gave me so they chose to admit me to labor and delivery and start administering the antibiotics in case my labor progressed as quickly as it did with my son.

Long story short, contractions completely fizzled out overnight, no other progress was made and because I am still considered "preterm" according to the dating ultrasound, they LEGALLY can't induce me. This means no pitocin, they aren't going to break my water prematurely, so I'm stuck.

(Here's where the whole dating ultrasound matters). If they were able to continue treatment based off of my LMP dates, I would be well over the 37 week mark and they could have intervened a little bit like they did with my son and I'd probably be holding my surprise gender baby by now!!!

I am feeling super imprisoned in this hospital room. I'm basically just hanging out, taking up space and wasting their time for the next 2-3 days before they can legally augment my labor or induce me. I'm not allowed to leave the unit due to the IV they administered but the halls they have available to walk are teeny tiny and it's not recommended to try to kickstart labor again because they don't actually want me to have this baby until Thursday.

I'm so frustrated, I miss my baby boy and my husband and even my cats, and I'm lonely and beyond upset that nothing is happening. Not to mention, the lovely pricetag I'm sure this endeavor is racking up due to all the extra fluids, time and space I'm taking up. I should have just cancelled my appointment and waited til the next one, after 37 weeks.

If you've made it this far, thanks for reading. If anybody cares, I'll try to update once baby finally makes his or her dramatic entrance. In the meantime, if you have the chance to stay home and wait it out, PLEASE DON'T REPEAT MY MISTAKE. I would much rather be able to do all this garbage waiting at home.