Faint positives then bleeding


So I got two faint positives then I started lightly bleeding now I don’t know what to think. Called the dr and she said that she thinks it will stop since I would only be 4 weeks and as long as I’m not filling a pad in 30 min and not having cramps then it’s okay. Then I went to the ER because I had very tiny clots and got scared and they said my urine and qualitative blood tests were negative which I knew the urine would come back negative because it was 5pm and I got the faint positive way early in the morning. And I think it was too early for the qualitative test to show positive. Then they gave me antibiotics for a uti but I know that’s wrong because there was blood in my sample because I’m already bleeding so that’s not right. Now I don’t know if I was having a chemical pregnancy or I’m still pregnant and it’s all very confusing.