*Updated* Sensitive topic- possible MC

***warning- tmi images and possible trigger language***

So, I'm supposed to be 6w5d with my first pregnancy. Everything has been good so far, barely any cramping, absolutely zero spotting of any color, taking all my supplements and getting light excersize.

And then today... Today I started cramping around 1:30pm. It was painful but come and go. I even still went to my hair appointment. I got home around 3:45pm and the cramping was getting worse, so bad I called my obgyn nurse line. They called for a blood test and my husband and I went in and I got a blood draw. Now we wait for results to tell us my levels and schedule an ultrasound.

Well, we got home from the blood draw at 5:25pm and at 5:37 I was on the toilet and got a bloody wipe. Next thing I knew clots came out. As soon as this happened the cramps got less intense. About an hour later, more clots and stringy blood. Now at 8:12pm back in the bathroom and... I can literally see blood and what looks like tissue coming out of me. I think I'm losing our baby.

I freaked out so bad when I saw the blood and my husband just sat there holding me while I cried. He saw the blood too and I could see the pain in his eyes.

We're trying so hard to be positive but how can I when I feel like I'm losing my baby?!? Pictures are gross but maybe someone has had something similar? Idk, I just hurt so bad.

***Update 2/15***

So the nurse called me back, she said my levels are at 3,321 and that's really too low to show on an ultrasound. So she said their options were wait until Sun/Mon for a blood test, or go in and see a midwife on call and have a cervical exam and a conversation about this. I'm not longer in pain so I told her I can wait or come in, whatever they think is best. Just waiting to hear back now. My husband stayed home with me today so I'm not alone. I've told only my sister, we were due a week apart and it's killing me I might have to watch her have her baby when I should be having mine. To watch her belly grow as mine stays flat.

The nurse called me back, I got in mid-morning tomorrow for another blood test. They expect to see my levels drop. If they don't they'll want to bring me in for further exam.