Every time I’m fed up he just drags me back in. :(

I’ve posted a few times about my emotionally abusive partner and how I’ve been trying to work up the courage to leave him.

Last night I told him I want to take a break and he threw a fit and said I was being mean to him, told me everything I do wrong, and went to bed.

In the past when he’s done this I wait a little bit (typically crying my eyes out) and then come in there and apologize.

Last night I stood my ground and slept on the couch with my 1 year old.

This morning he comes out expecting me to back pedal, continuing to guilt me and say I only want to take a break so I can explore other options (like I’m some hoe? Literally have only ever slept with him). I told him that I want to take a break because he’s mean to me unless I’m doing exactly what he wants. Otherwise im just a lazy piece of shit. (I work, I’m the only one that takes care of our son AND I am constantly doing side gigs to make extra cash)

I was sitting there crying telling him it makes me sad, but I can’t keep doing this.

Then he randomly started hugging me and calling me pretty and saying that he “hasn’t been appreciating me because he forgot he could lose me” and then he just seemed to think everything was all better.

He’s been being nicer all day but I know it’s just a matter of time until I “do something wrong” and he goes right back to calling me names and yelling at me.

I feel like a bad person for not standing my ground and letting him think it’s okay.

He always does this though, he sees he’s losing me and he just drags me back in.

Idk what to do. :( How am I supposed to let him think it was all okay all day, and then break his heart all over again?

But I know deep in my heart that the right thing to do for my son is to get him away from the toxicity. (He’s even more impatient/angry with him)