Valentines SHMALENTINES 😢😢


You guys. I am distraught. I feel so fooled. I feel like I was conned. I have been casually seeing this guys for over 6 months. I’ve never made him put a label on “us” which is my own damn fault. But we both agreed that we were exclusive, not sleeping with anyone else. I’ve stuck to that. And I thought he was too. I really 100% never questioned him. (And if you’re wondering why we aren’t official, basically his dad is sick and I am trying to respect him and how stressed he is about that) thennnnn comes today, Valentines Day. Not a big celebrator of it, but a text is nice. (We work together by the way) I see him outside of the restrooms today, we chat for a second then I go on my way. He texts me a couple minutes later (pic 1). Then I’m thinking who the f doesn’t know it’s Valentine’s Day til 11am. I do some digging and I get to one of his friends business Instagram pages. LOOK WHAT HE FREAKIN GOT HER. How mad would you all be?!?!