Opposite sex co-worker friend

Are you comfortable with your spouse having a female (male for you few fellas) friend(s) at work?

My cousin seen a picture of my husband and his female co-worker friend he posted on his Facebook. She called me right up asking what's happening? Are we ok? Why I allow it..


I put 100% trust in my husband. He has never did anything to lose it. He proves to me every day I am the only one for him. He is military, I'm ex-military, I know exactly how the sister/brotherhood bond works. You have to have you neighbors back no matter who they are and they also have yours. You would literally go to war and this person may save your life... male of female. So I tried to explain how I'm completely fine with it and I think it's nice because in a few short months he will be done retired from the Military life and he will miss everyone he has gotten to know. Like when you graduated high school I guess.

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