Coping with Miscarriage


Hi all.

I learned I was pregnant about 3 weeks ago and was ecstatic. My due date was October 6 and I announced it to my hubby in such a cute way. We had only told my mother in law and father. A few days ago I started spotting, and my heart sank. My doctor ordered hcg levels, which were rising, so we breathed a sign of relief. Until 2 days ago. Unfortunately, I started bleeding heavily, and I knew what was happening. It was heart breaking. Over the last 48 hours I have bled and passed clots, but thank God there has been no pain. This is unfortunately my 2nd MC. My first occurred when I was 15 (I'm 32 now). I'm thanking God for my health, strength and family right now. I know I will carry a baby to term when the time is right. I will keep focusing on taking care of myself, eating right, exercise, and planning my life for motherhood. Please don't lose faith ladies.

Sending baby dust and blessings 💔💕✨