shitty valentine’s day:(

my boyfriend got roses the day before valentine’s day and told me to give them to my mom and sister because there for all there of us. i said ok and gave them to my mom bc i figured i was still getting my own and he was just saying that. then on valentine’s day he said he’ll get me chocolates or whatever the day after because he didn’t think anything through and he was at work. then we were supposed to be going to a desert place i wanted them he changed his mind and said he wanted to go to dinner i said ok but everything was booked and he would get out of the gym too late. so we end up going to some taco bar that we usually go to. he came over my house handed me a box of chocolate covered treats and said these r for your mom i said ok lol he said well for everyone you too so i was annoyed and just grabbed them and ran in my house to give them to my mom because i was already in a rush (was waiting all night for him) so we’re driving to the taco place and we get into an argument bc he thought i wasn’t happy and he wanted to come inside to give them to my mom i just said i was in a rush i’m excited to go out and it’s late already. then i tried to joke around and surprise him and told him to go into my purse to get his juul i bought for him and he pulled out hand cuffs and an anal plug i got and he was like “lol i was joking about the anal plug and i don’t really like handcuffs, i wasn’t even planning on fucking you tonight” i was like lol really and he was like now your gonna be upset if i don’t fuck you and now i have too i said no don’t it’s whatever i just feel embarrassed because i went out and bought all that and lingerie. we leave the taco place to try and rush to my desert place and we didn’t even make it there before they closed so that upset me even more bc that’s really all i wanted. and then he’s getting mad and frustrated and kept saying i’m not happy this isn’t what i wanted. we get back to his house after fighting and he was saying how i didn’t get excited about the chocolate and didn’t like them i said yes i did but u said they were for my mom like just say just for me, my mom has the flowers also it’s fine my dad gets her everything too i just wanted something just for me.

oh and he also tried bringing his friend to dinner too and when i said no bc it’s valentine’s day he said it’s really just like any other day.

and idk where i’m going with this but basically i’m just really upset because i had a shitty valentine’s day and i put a lot of thought into everything and i got all dressed up did my hair and makeup and didn’t even do anything. it’s my favorite holiday and it wasn’t even special.