Grandmother gave me great-grandmothers engagement ring on Valentines day 😍😭 (story)

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I've been married for 8 years with my husband, we've been together 12. We met on Skype groups (back when Skype had groups). We were apart of a college group of a handful of others.. We were friends first then grew into a more romantic relationship.. We just clicked, like finishing a puzzle..

We came from humble beginnings and didnt have money for an engagement ring so we saved for wedding bands... he Immigrsted on a k-1 visa to the United States where we had 30 days to get married or his visa would expire and he would be here without status and could be deported.. so we didnt have much of a wedding outside the courthouse.. we lived at my moms house and provided for her when she got sick. We moved out once we were on our feet but still provided for my mom. We didnt have the money then to get an engagement ring to complete the set, but it never bothered me.. we were together and building our life and we were happy.. I did get a second band when we lost our first baby at 23 weeks so his memory is always with me next to my wedding band.. but now, 8 years of marriage so far, we have a 2.5 year old, our own house, puppy, family. My mom is in a nursing home because her Alzheimer's disease progressed beyond what we could do to care for her.

We went to visit my grandmother yesterday for Valentine's day. My husband had to work late and we celebrated Valentine's day this past weekend.. After dinner and after I got done cleaning up, my grandmother said she needed to talk to me. She told me she had re-done her Will last week and she had something for me that she wanted to be around to give me. She took off all of her rings and she offered me her mothers engagement ring. She told me the story of how her parents came from humble beginnings too, family farmers, and had built everything from the bottom up, similar to my husband and I.. I was amazed and I didnt expect that at all. She kept apologizing that it wasnt something more when it means so much to me. For my poor farmer great-grandfather, it must have cost so much for him. Just felt like sharing :)

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