Me and my fiancé have separate bedrooms, is this normal?

I’ve been with my boyfriend for a little over 3 years (although known each other for 6) and recently we got engaged and moved in together! Although I’m beyond happy and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with my best friend, there have been....some comments.

We moved into a two bedroom apartment, and we had our parents travel down and help us move, but it all went up when his mom asked about “the guest bedroom”. We explained that we didn’t have a guest bedroom but rather separate rooms. Now we both loved the idea of separate rooms! We have our own space, with just our belongings, we can decorate however we’d like without compromise, we have a place to cool off from each other, etc. Of course if we really wanted to get it on or sleep in the same bed we could waltz over to the other persons room and do just that.

But after we explained this to her they all exchanged weird looks. They not only hated the idea, BUT HOLY SHIT DID THE CONSPIRACIES COME OUT. They believed it was due to being unhappy with each other, forcing our engagement, secretly hating each other, me or him being too cold or even abusive, etc. Since then both of our parents call/text everyday asking if we’re happy with each other, if they should even bother saving money for the wedding, etc. it’s not only annoying it’s disrespectful at this point. So what I’m wonder is, is this a normal living arrangement that’ll actually pay off??