Gaining too much weight?

Hey everyone! I’ll be 19 weeks on Sunday and the scale for me just seems to keep climbing. I started this pregnancy at 170 lb (5’8”) and today I’m 183lb. I spent the first trimester throwing everything up with next to no appetite and now, in the second trimester, I still consistently throw my breakfast up every morning. I’ll have a home made sandwich for lunch (no lunch meat used) and then what ever I make for dinner which my husband is on a strict diet so it’s never something bad. Plain chocolate ice cream comes for dessert but I measure it out. I am by no means eating for 2 but I’ve gained enough that my doctor has said something at this point. Obviously I’m not going to actively diet while pregnant but I feel like the scale is climbing at an out of control rate. I do go for daily walks as well and when I told my doctor all this she made a face like I must be lying.