Should social networks such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram & Twitter be blocked/banned in schools ?


I seen this question on a debate website & thought it would be good to see everyone’s views on this. I definitely think things like Google & YouTube are very beneficial in schools I’ve even had teachers allow us to google things while studying on our phones/laptops & listen to music while doing our work BUT generally are social media apps like the ones above more harmful than good while in class?

Let’s face it phone & social media addiction is a real thing. I think some people have the ability to determine how huge of an effect they let it have on them but others don’t.

Texts & calls should NOT be banned at all because obviously people have priorities outside of class but maybe social media being blocked while in the classrooms wouldn’t be a bad idea. I personally think if I was on social media while in class I wouldn’t really be able to learn that well which is why I’ve never done it.

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